Top 5 Tips For Sellers in a Buyers’ Market

Buyers are increasingly well informed and are currently spoilt for choice with properties for sale in Fisherhaven. Sellers with a clear understanding of the market, an awareness of current trends and realistic price expectations will always capture a buyer’s attention first.


1. Set a Realistic Asking Price
It’s most important that your asking price should match the current market. If the price is set too high, on the one hand potential buyers may be disappointed when they realise that the property falls short of the asking price. On the other hand, buyers who are looking in a slightly lower price range may not even view the property in the first place.

Chances are also good that an overpriced home will linger on the market while comparable properties that are competitively priced sell faster. The best way to arrive at a realistic selling price is to have an experienced estate agent prepare a Comparative Market Analysis.

2. Presentation
Naturally, it’s vital that your property looks at it’s very best. When every penny counts, it’s wise to focus on maintenance rather than renovation. A new coat of paint, preferably in a neutral colour, makes a world of difference. Presentation is everything and when a buyer walks in, a great first impression makes all the difference.

3. Get a Sole Mandate
Many sellers understandably believe that appointing more than one agency will ensure a faster sale, but this is not usually the case. Sole mandates afford the seller peace of mind during what can be a very stressful time, and it gives them better control over how their property is marketed. The Marketing Plan should be tailor-made to suit the seller’s personal needs and should aim to maximise the target market reach and exposure of the home.

4. Disclose Defects
Make sure that you disclose all defects on the property, whether structural or other, and that you point out any servitudes on the property. Any alterations or additions to the property need to be signed off by the local authority prior to selling. Any defects should be disclosed on a Property Disclosure Form. This vital step protects the seller from any comebacks during or after the sale of the home as the buyer cannot claim to be uninformed.

5. Get Ready For The Sale
The seller’s selection of a conveyancer is equally as important as the choice of an estate agent, for similar reasons. The conveyancer’s experience and familiarity with the process is pivotal in achieving a seamless sale with minimal delays. An experienced estate agent can provide you with a short list of competent conveyancers. Get quotes well ahead of time on work to be done to obtain the necessary compliance certificates needed for the transfer of the property. These include the electrical, plumbing, beetle and gas certificates.

Frans Theunissen of Fisherhaven Properties has over 30 years of experience as a real estate agent and has the knowledge and the expertise to help both buyers and sellers navigate through the current market conditions. Frans is available anytime to answer questions about the buying and selling process including anything you might wish to know about properties for sale in Fisherhaven.

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