Help Turn ‘For Sale’ Into ‘Sold’ Fast

Most home owners are suprised when they find out just how much a seller can do to help their estate agent to speed up the process of turning their ‘For Sale’ board to ‘Sold’ fast.


Get your property sold fast

This is the final article in a 3-part series where you’ll find a complete home owner’s survival guide.

In this series we explore the three key areas that can help you get the best price in the shortest time possible.

In Part 1 we dealt with “Choosing the right estate agent” and in Part 2 we shared some tips on “Getting Your Home Ready For The Sale”.

How You can help your agent turn ‘For Sale’ into ‘Sold’ fast

Keep a low profile:
Potential buyers often feel like intruders when they enter a home filled with people. Rather than giving your house the attention it deserves, they are much more likely to hurry through.

While nobody knows your home as well as you do, a professional agent will have a good idea of what their buyer wants and needs. The agent will have an easier time articulating the virtues of your home if you stay in the background. Try not to make conversation with the buyer as it will only serve as a distraction. If possible take a walk in the garden while the buyer is viewing inside.

Start with the right Selling Price:
It’s an important truth that every property sells when the price is right. Starting off with the right asking price is probably the most important factor in determining how long your property will be on the market.

It’s a common mistake to overprice in order to leave room for negotiation. This usually starts with the seller working out how much profit they would like to make and then working backwards by adding on the mortgage bond value plus the agents fee to arrive at a selling price.

This will almost certainly leave you with a house that sits on the market for ever, otherwise known in the industry as an ‘Overpriced Turkey’ or ‘OPT’. Every agent has a list of these, they are sometimes used to make a ‘target’ property look like a bargain.


Don’t compare apples with oranges

Comparative Market Analysis:
A professional estate agent uses a comparative market analysis (CMA) which is the industry accepted method of accurately determining a property’s value. A comprehensive dataset is compiled from historical sources and an accurate average price per square metre of property in the area is defined in this way.

Working with a reputable, experienced real estate agent, who has the skills to determine the correct price from day one, can make all the difference and turn your ‘For Sale’ sign into a ‘Sold’ board, fast.

Frans Theunissen of Fisherhaven Properties launched his estate agency more than 30 years ago. He has more than 30 years of experience with helping sellers to determine the right selling price for their properties. Frans is also good at helping sellers identify the steps they can take to make their properties more marketable.

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