Property Transfer Guide In 5 Easy Steps

Even with the simplest of property transactions, at least three attorneys and three government or municipal authorities may be involved in the transaction. Provided there are no unexpected delays or surprises, the property transfer process takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to complete. The legal term for transfer of ownership of immovable property is conveyancing,…Read More→

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Top 7 Selling Price Myths

If you’re reading this, you are probably thinking of selling your property, or you may already have your property on the market. By now, chances are you’ve probably heard words of advice from well-intended friends and family about selling your property. You should also know about some selling price myths doing the rounds; when the…Read More→

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By-Laws and Acts

The Marine Living Resources Act (PDF) Overstrand Municipality by-laws for the Bot River Estuary (PDF)

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Bot River Estuary – Should we interfere?

  By Rod Bally and George Branch (Article Source: African Wildlife, Volume 40, No. 6) This article is also available as a PDF download Page 1: Introduction Page 2: Heated Debate Page 3: How the bot River Estuary Functions as a Physical System Page 4: The Fauna and Flora and Their Ecology Page 5: Artificial…Read More→

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Fisherhaven Update

  Dear Fisherhaven property owner Page 2: Many properties are overpriced Greetings from a cold and wet Fisherhaven. The dreaded Cape winter has taken a firm grip on us and some gardens here are getting a good drenching. The Bot vlei is rising slowly; maybe it will reach the high levels we saw last year?…Read More→

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Who was China Marais?

  by Frans Theunissen Page 1: Introduction Page 2: During World War 2 Page 3: China and Zig Lived in Fisherhaven Like so many visitors and property owners in Fisherhaven, you might have noticed and wondered about the unusual name of China Marais Drive at the entrance into Fisherhaven.  It is the main road in…Read More→

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Kleinmond Vlei Horses and Horses of the Anglo Boer War

F J van der Merwe, D.Sc Agric. P.O. Box 664, Kleinmond 7195 Page 1: Introduction Page 2: Where do the horses fit in and what future do they have? Page 3: The future of the horses depends on many factors. Page 4: Before the war started. Most of us are aware of and some of the…Read More→

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